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The Company

Founded in 1980, Art Marketing is considered to be one of the market leaders in the home furnishing industry. We focus on creativity, innovation and fantastic customer service and continually strive to be the great British design company that customers can trust.


Art Marketing is an umbrella for our popular brands including ART@artmarketing, Thomas Kent clocks, ARTBEAT greeting cards and Almond Street photo frames and mirrors. Our artwork is created by our exclusive team of talented in-house and freelance artists based on the Isle of Wight. Art Marketing began as a family run company, shaped by the artistic talents of its founding members, which continue to influence our artists and design team today. Based in Redbourn, Hertfordshire, our Graphic Designers and product development team are also the back bone of Thomas Kent, ARTBEAT and Almond Street and our Design Team is the driving force behind Art Marketing’s enviable position in the market.

It is our enthusiasm and dedication which sets us apart and ensures that Art Marketing is able to retain a strong and proud sense of its own identity through product design, quality, service and of course innovation.

About our Brands

Art@Art Marketing


All our 2018 home furnishing and gift artwork is now under the umbrella of ART@Artmarketing and there are over 230 stunning designs to choose from. This year we have developed our open edition framed and canvas art including new wooden and resin wall plaques and many great gift ideas for the changing seasons and popular occasions throughout this year’s busy calendar. Home furnishing trends are very much at the heart of our art especially in the classic categories where both heritage and contemporary styles are amply satisfied. We continue to indulge the popular core and accent colour palettes for 2018 including the distressed, vintage and country styles that are increasingly prevalent and chic. 

Thomas Kent Clocks

tklogo.jpg Thomas Kent leaps into 2018 with a completely refreshing take on what makes the world of home furnishing and gift clocks tick. Our clock Collection has doubled in size to over 100 pieces, ranging from 4 inch mantel alarm clocks to the breathtaking 36 inch wooden hand distressed Loft Clocks. All of which come with 1 years guarantee and care instructions and are individually boxed and packaged well enough to be wrapped and despatched to the end consumer.

ARTBEAT Greeting Cards 

artbeatlogo.jpg If you want to say greeting cards then just say ARTBEAT.
2018 boasts the biggest collection ever with over 350 stunning and amusing designs to choose from. Be inspired by our ‘Ladies that lunch’ ranges and hilarious cards for men plus cute animals and the growing birthday and occasions’ collection. Also new for this year is a large collection produced on watercolour board which lift the delicate images perfect for heritage, country and nostalgic appeal. Contemporary floral and new characters also adorn the range as well as a departure into flitter and foil embellishment on some elegant Wedding, baby boy and baby girl special cards too. The only way to understand just how good they are is to view them all........ so go ahead and register to view and order online.

Almond Street Mirrors & Photo Frames

almondstreet.jpg Hand distressed, chunky and a furnishing statement – the Almond Street collection includes inspiring photo frames and mirrors with influences from around the world to compliment your home furnishing themes.