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Clare Ormerod

Clare was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire in 1977. She studied fine art at Central St Martins and the University of Newcastle and has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Her work has received high acclaim and she has exhibited extensively in fine art galleries throughout London as well as internationally.

Clare was inspired to draw dogs because she has always been fascinated by their intelligence, loyalty and the many charming personalities that have crossed her path - "they’re wonderful creatures and so full of character". "No two dogs are ever the same, so it’s always an exciting subject matter!"She also enjoys studying birds as they have wonderful colours in their plumage. “There are so many different types and species - so there is endless inspiration.” She loves browsing through old antique shops and markets as she always find something to influence her work.

Clare has been spending a lot of time in the countryside in Ireland having recently moved and set up a studio there. Her studio looks out onto wild flowers, trees, amazing insects, beautiful butterflies, birds, dogs and other animals. “Being so close to nature is a wonderful and important source of inspiration as you are surrounded by it every day.”

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"Capturing character is what I want to achieve – if my work can show the true nature and character of an object, a person or an animal then I am happy."