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The Company

Founded in 1980, Art Marketing is considered to be one of the market leaders in the home furnishing industry. IOWSTUDIO.jpg
We focus on creativity, innovation and fantastic customer service and continually strive to be the great British design company that customers can trust.

Art Marketing has four very well established and popular brands.  ART@artmarketing encompasses our pictures and wall art, Thomas Kent is destination for our successful clocks collection, ARTBEAT contains an extensive range of greeting cards and Almond Street is the home of our photo frames.

Originally a family run company based in Hertfordshire, we were shaped by the artistic talents of our founding members and their influence lives on in our artists and design team today.  Our artwork is created by our exclusive team of talented in-house and freelance artists based on the Isle of Wight.  Graphic Designers and product developers based in Hertfordshire form the
back bone of Thomas Kent, ARTBEAT and Almond Street collections.  It is this combined approach to design is the driving force behind Art Marketing’s enviable position in the market.

Our enthusiasm and dedication sets us apart and ensures that Art Marketing retains a
strong and proud sense of its own identity through product design, quality, service and of
course innovation.


About our Brands

Art@Art Marketing


Our 2020 Collection is our best yet and offers outstanding value for money.  We have introduced some fabulous new lower priced art within our Country and Coastal stories for those important impulse gift purchases.  In our Showcase collection this year we have created a fantastic range of unique, embellished art developed by our most popular artists.  We are incredibly proud of this unique and very individual collection, so each picture will be delivered with its own unique swing ticket containing an individual write up by the artist about the origins of that particular piece of art. Home furnishing trends are very much at the heart of our art and we continue to indulge the popular core and accent colour palettes for 2020.

Thomas Kent Clocks


Our success in recent years has led us to create families of clocks where each fabulous design is now available in a variety of sizes and colours. More room shots have been featured to really give a sense of how our latest clock designs will effortlessly transform a house into a home.

In terms of new product, we have fashionable new home furnishing colours in our Arabic clocks and a style update for the Camden as it transforms into The Townhouse! Our industrial Wharf clocks and our glamorous case clocks have gone supersize for 2020 – making fantastic statement pieces for accessorising room sets. For our customers with smaller shops in our Country and Coastal themes this year we have a sleek new photo frame range and some great small pictures which complement our more gift-oriented clocks brilliantly.


ARTBEAT Greeting Cards 


For 12 years now Artbeat has been creating unique and inspiring greeting cards for every occasion.  It is the continuous changing and evolving of our collections and designs which has been the key to our success, and our latest collection is no exception.

For 2020 we are very excited to introduce a new smaller card size to feature in 6 very unique and memorable ranges.  Of course you will still find your firm favourites such as Angie’s Ladies and Little Treasures, freshened and enhanced with gorgeous new designs - but our new smaller sized cards are going to compliment your bestsellers and win your hearts in the just the same way.

Finally, but just as importantly, a very big welcome to those of you who are new to Artbeat – we hope you will love our cards as much as we do!

Almond Street Photo Frames

almondstreet.jpg Our Almond Street collection includes inspiring photo frames with influences from around the world to compliment your home furnishing themes. The collection has been streamlined this year to ensure that the collection is delivering great value for money and only our most popular styles.